Every member of the San Diego Financial Advisors Network lives and works in San Diego, California or the surrounding area. We operate our businesses here, raise our families here, and engage with the very same communities that you do. Each of us know and love this beautiful city, and are familiar with its unique benefits and challenges.

We know financial planning issues specific to San Diego

If you work for Scripps, UCSD, Qualcomm, or other major local San Diego employers, what do you think the odds are that a financial planner in another part of the country will be familiar with your employee benefits system or career prospects? Local financial advisors are more likely to have worked with some of your peers and will be able to give you better advice, more quickly.

Perhaps you need financial advice about buying or selling a house. Wouldn’t it be better to work with a financial planner located right here in San Diego who is more familiar with the local market? There are also other complicating factors related to home ownership in San Diego that outsiders might not be familiar with such as Proposition 13 for your property taxes, the Mills Act for homes with a historical designation, or earthquake insurance.

If you are self-employed or own a small business here in San Diego, then a local advisor may be able to provide advice about your business as well as help you to develop important business relationships out of our own personal contacts.

Though we don’t have a local income tax in San Diego, local financial advisors are more familiar with the California income tax system than outsiders would be.

Working with a financial advisor right here in San Diego means that we can serve you more effectively and efficiently than equally qualified advisors elsewhere, because we work primarily with other clients here and are already familiar with localized aspects of financial planning.

Face to face is better

Though some members of the San Diego Financial Advisors Network do serve clients nationwide through webcam chats and phone calls, the majority of our clients are local and we all enjoy the opportunity to meet with clients in person when possible. Meeting face to face allows us to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with clients, which often means that clients have a greater degree of trust in the financial advice that we give. Being fee-only financial planners who operate independently helps to increase that trust even further. Local clients also tend to remain clients for longer periods of time, which benefits both them and the advisor.

Local partnerships

Financial planners don’t work within a vacuum, it’s important that we collaborate with other trusted professionals you may work with such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, or lenders. Having all of your advisors work closely together results in better financial and personal outcomes. Since all members of the San Diego Financial Advisors Network are local, we’ve developed relationships with many other types of professionals over the course of our careers.

If you’re ready to find the right San Diego financial planner to help you, head over to our advisors page to get started.