Jon Luskin, CFP®

Uncle D Money

Jon Luskin is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). For his master’s thesis on investment management, Jon showed how university endowments can generate more wealth (and take on less risk) by adopting low-cost investment strategies. Jon is also an active member of the San Diego chapter of the Financial Planning Association’s NexGen group, a venue for younger financial planning professionals to share best practices. Jon’s original research on investing has been published in the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Financial Planning.

When not practicing financial planning, Jon can be found teaching safe cycling skills to the youth of San Diego, or volunteering with San Diego’s canine rescue organizations. Jon also enjoys homebrewing, bbq’ing, cycling, hiking and camping. You can read Jon’s beer blog at, and his financial planning blog for Deloitte employees at



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