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In 2005, I read about airline companies filing for bankruptcy and defaulting on their employee pension plans. Overnight, employees saw their retirement income disappear or be greatly reduced. I felt a sense of panic that I, myself, did not have a retirement strategy in place. I had my employer’s 401k plan and other benefits that I did not completely understand. Despite graduating with an Economics degree from a great school, I was never taught how to invest my 401k money, or how much I should be saving every year towards retirement. That led me to read everything possible about personal finance that I could get my hands on, and shortly after, transition into financial planning as a profession.

Master’s Degree in Financial and Tax Planning from San Diego State University
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Villanova University
Enrolled Agent certificate from the IRS in 2013
Author of
Over 18 years of experience giving financial advice

My process begins with a simple and free phone consultation. I don’t judge. I understand that sharing personal finances is personal. I treat all my clients with discretion, confidentiality and trust.



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